Custom in-wheel motor

to the final product.
From an idea..
Custom made in-wheel solutions

Custom in-wheel motor

The interdisciplinary know-how and R&D expertise of the company allows the complete development of in-wheel electromagnetic motors – from idea to final custom made in-wheel motor.

idea -> specification -> development -> motor design -> prototyping -> implementation -> testing and validation -> final custom made in-wheel motor

Customized in-wheel motor developments require comprehensive knowledge and experience from different technical fields provided by GEM motors:

  • Physical multi-phase electric motor development using numerical computer modeling (rotor and stator).
  • Modular motor control unit and motor regulation development (hardware and software).
  • In-wheel motor construction and motor production technology development.

The development process is oriented towards high quality, innovation and custom made solutions. Taking into account the production cost and new technology a competitive high performance electric motor solutions can be offered. In addition the complete electric powertrain with GEM in-wheel motors can be developed for e-vehicles.

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