Motor controller

to the final product.
From an idea...
Custom made in-wheel solutions

Motor controller

An innovative modular controller for multi-phase motors was developed by GEM motors company. It allows simple scaling and adaption to different power levels by adjusting only the number of motor controller modules.The know-how and R&D expertise of the company allows complete development of in-wheel motor controllers – from idea to final custom made motor controller.

idea -> specification -> development -> motor controller design -> prototyping -> implementation -> testing and validation -> final custom made motor controller

GEM motors boasts the knowledge and experience from different technical fields required for customised in-wheel motor controller developments:

  • PCB design and hardware development for modular controller
  • Motor controller prototyping (power modules)
  • Software development for motor controller (motor torque and speed regulation, safety operation, communication, position …)
  • Motor controller testing and validation
  • Implementation into the in-wheel motor and testing