OUR Culture IQ

14th June, 2018

News type: Blog

My Linkedin profile has a headline written Our culture is our brand, so it seems fit that my first publication is a subject that is close to me. 

Company culture is not a new thing in HR world, only it's value has just hit us fort the past few years. Especially in the era of globalization and increased interaction of business environment. If you would like to attract potential candidates/clients, the saying goes IT TAKES FOREWER TO BUILD TRUST, A SECOND TO BREAK AND FOREVER TO REPAIR. So that is why it is so important to do it right, to do it strategically. With a leap this big, I see culture as SINGLE POINT of BEING which covers all ground and it is connected to everything, every head has a tale, has meaning and purpose, a JOB. It is like describing company’s own entity that is built on beliefs and behaviours.

It gives answers to WHO we are, WHAT we do, HOW we do it. Cultures differ from one company to another, or mostly they just point more to one of the principals that identifies them. Gives character. 

For example, coming from a corporate culture they had a set of values, where in the last years started adding new ones. It was done to best describe change/shift in the company and to engage employees with the new set of values (i.e. millennials). But it is not just a value by name, for instance INTEGRITY but also what it means and represents to your company (personal integrity; self-reliant, openminded; respect; for your work, for work of others, for clients time, etc.)

Employees need to fit the value i.e. culture system (for the best part), we hope as HR people, they engage and adopt not just one but a set of values that fosters Company Culture.

For employee to identify with the value it means to have a personality trait that is closest to him/her. A guideline to fit to every aspect of your work, for instance: Let say you work in a start-up (like I do) and funds or budgets are tight. You need to work with what you have (not what you would need to have to complete the work you need to do). Our value is clear, we are always changing and improving (growing personally and professionally), and we have a positive approach to problem solving (Everything is possible). 

What I found the most interesting and for me the key to how your mindset (if you get an opportunity not just to think but to understand what that really means) starts to change in every sense. I have considered myself an adaptable person, who can embrace the changes as they come along…. but only now I know what that is. Coming to work, where my short and long terms priorities and mission were written in first week of employment and the last paragraph of A4 paper, stated What are my personal goals? was eye opening for me. That is where Cultures part to engage, to develop, grow and implement.

To answer the above questions, you can’t have in mind only what my bonus will be or pay check at the end of the month is, given the amount of time spent at work. To fit Codes of Conduct and Culture that path needs to embody the perspective of one’s Vision. 

Our culture opens doors to potential candidates and clients up front, who we are starts at hello. We don’t have to think the same we need to have courage and boldness to do. Our Culture is We make the best product in the world and employ the best experts and innovative (not talented) thinkers. 

How many of us can say I know and truly respect my Company Culture and that is why I stand here today?