simple solution.
Unique innovative technology,
GEM in-wheel electric motor
Wide range of application
Simple power scaling
Modular technology
attractive for the end-user.


General in-wheel drive advantages:

  • electric motor inside the wheel
  • very simple drive with no transmission needed (low weight and cost)
  • regenerative braking with in-wheel electric motor (energy recuperation)
  • extreme agility of the vehicle resulting from independent wheel controlling
  • adjustable total power by using different number of in-wheel motors

GEM in-wheel drive advantages:

  • smart design, complete electric drive with motor controller inside the wheel saving space and weight
  • low voltage operation, safe for human and simple for installation
  • higher reliability compared to other systems because of modular motor concept (operation of several sub-motors in parallel)
  • very fast response for customised solutions – complete motor development in-house
  • unique modular technology scalable to different power levels
  • wide range of applications from electric scooters to electric buses and hybrid vehicles
  • undemanding production based on simple motor construction:
    • simple modular motor controller
    • regular magnets
    • simple concentrated winding
    • magnetic core with low-cost silicon steel
    • low-cost position sensor
  • high motor performance
    • low cogging torque bellow 0.1%
    • high efficiency up to 92%
    • higher torque up to 25%
    • very low EMI
    • excellent regulation
  • excellent price/performance index