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10th January, 2020

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GEM in-wheel motors of type G2.X and G1.X are designed as a direct drive motors and are typically mounted directly to a wheel of a vehicle. Motors of type G1.X are designed to be used with nominal 10’’ and motors of type G2.X are designed to be used with nominal 13’’ motorcycle or car tyres. Of course, other bigger tyre sizes can be used with both motor types, but speed and performance of the e-vehicle might be different from nominal performance. You are welcome to contact our experts and consultancy team if using tyre size other than nominal.

Our clients can choose from two different mounting options of the rims: Integrated rim or standard rim. Integrated rim is lighter and smaller, and its design is optimized for less mechanical stress on the GEM in-wheel motors. Standard rims option offers more flexibility, since you can use your existing rims of the shelf. GEM in wheel drive can be fast and professional customized to your needs. For more information check our GEM in-wheel drive portfolio or contact us.



GEM integrated rim  GEM integrated rim - in-wheel motors



standard rim

GEM standard rim option



GEM motors offers advanced propulsion solutions for small and light urban electric mobility for personal and commercial transportation. Ready to use for different electric vehicle applications, including electric two, three and four wheelers. Different rim sizes and mounting options are possible as shown below.


E-scooter with GEM in-wheel drive, integrated rim, size 13''.

E scooter GEM motors integrated rim


Example of custom made, integrated aluminum rim, G2.4, rim size 16''.

custom made integrated GEM motors rim 


Three-wheeler, Bicar project, custom made integrated rim, G 1.3, rim size 13'' .

Bicar project- custom integrated rim


Micro car, standard rim option, G 2.6, rim size 13''.

Micro car - standard rim option 

Micro car - standard rim Micro car


Three-wheeler VIPI, standard rim option, G2.4, rim size15''.

VIPI standard rim option

VIP VIPI with standard rim option


Golf cart, integarted rim, G2.4, rim size 13''.

Golf cart - GEM integrated rim


Hybrid three-wheeler eRocket, standard rim option, G2.4, rim size 13''.

Hybrid three-wheeler eRocket

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