GEM In-wheel Drive G1 – the perfect solution for the light electric vehicles

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17th April, 2019

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GEM motors is once again setting new standards in the field of smart electric drive propulsion systems with a unique and simple drive solution for light electric vehicles. Based on GEM patented modular multiphase technology, we incorporated the electric motor together with the motor controller and the wheel into one unit.

GEM in-wheel drive G1 is the highly integrated and the most efficient solution on the market, using minimum space possible. Due to its small size it is a perfect solution for:

  • Bicycles
  • Scooters
  • Motorbikes
  • Other 2- / 3- / 4-wheel vehicles

We are happy to announce that the brand-new GEM In-wheel Drive – G1 is ready for testing. The production is set to take place by the end of 2019 and we already accept preorders and sample orders! We provide complete customer support and customization for your needs. Our highly expert R&D team will be glad to help you also in custom development.

Basic technical data:
- Outer diameter: 218 mm
- Weight: 5/7 kg
- Power: 1-4 kW
- Torque: 180 Nm
- Max. speed: 1000 rpm
- system efficiency: up to 92%