GEM motors is a family friendly company

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31st January, 2020

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At GEM motors we believe that satisfied employees form the cornerstone of business success. We are striving to establish an appropriate balance between our employee’s professional and private obligations. We provide many bonuses for our employees, such as:

  • Socialising among employees
  • Flexible working hours
  • Measures for health protection
  • Communication with employees
  • Communication with outside public
  • Celebration of different events: birthdays, weddings and birth of a child

The measures are most often reflected in the employee’s satisfaction and thus increased motivation for work.

We are proud to say that GEM family is now richer for one new member – a baby of an employee was born a few days ago. We wish a young family a lot of cuddling and send our love and best wishes :).

Present for a newborn baby of an employee

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