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4th March, 2020

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At GEM motors we believe that employees are the most important asset of our company, because no matter how efficient our business is, if employees aren’t happy with our work culture then all our efforts may go in vain. Therefore, we continuously strive to offer best work culture to keep employees happy and motivated.

We empower our employees with the power, tools and resources to accomplish individual and team goals. Each employee has the responsibility to make decisions on their own but of course it all needs to be aligned with team goals and company goals. This gives them the ownership of work and sense of pride to work independently and as a part of the team.

Our Company values are Passion, Innovation, Excellence, Integrity and Progress and those are deeply implemented in our company culture.

We believe and trust people

GEM motors managers believe and trust the intentions of their team members and support their decisions. They let them know that the way they work and the decisions that they take and the choices they make are appreciated and trusted. They give clear directions to the team and support them to take ownership. This way they clearly know what needs to be achieved and they don’t waste energy and time on second-guessing and stay on the job to accomplish goals.


We cherish uniqueness

We appreciate each team member in a unique way.  We work in a creative environment and respect each other opinions. We are looking for different solutions, with thinking “out of the box” and keeping in mind that “everything is possible”.

We keep lines of communication open

In our company every employee can share his or her ideas and we discuss them on a regular basis. This way the ideas and opinions shared by our workforce do not go unheard or unnoticed. We share one-on-one conversations to handle challenges. We speak about our goals and work progress, discuss issues and provide solutions.

We share our vision, mission and common goals

We share our vision with employees, and we let them feel they are part of a bigger goal, which is larger than their individual job. Each team member knows what the company’s vision, mission and strategic plan are. We let employees participate in open discussion and planning on department level to achieve bigger goals.

Our vision is to become a leading innovative company for advanced electric drive solutions for small and light electric mobility and we are dedicated to shape the future of light electric mobility with advanced, high quality, reliable and smart electric drive solutions with superior performance that will increase the attractiveness of using electric vehicles in daily urban transportation.

We do care for the environment and the people and therefore we strive for the sustainable future solutions that increase the quality of living. At the same time, we support professional growth of our employees, encouraging them to express their best creative potential.

gem motors - sustainable future solutions

We encourage skill development

Learning new skills is advantageous for individuals as well as the company and at GEM motors we encourage self-improvement, where people learn, improve and develop new skills to enhance professional (and personal) growth.

We offer safe and healthy workplace

We create a safe and healthy workplace, to ensure that employees feel at home in the company. We have weekly fruit deliveries to the office and encourage employees to “hang-out” also “outside” of the company. We believe this way the relations get stronger; they get to know each other better and they work better as a team.  

healthy workplace

We offer work-life balance

Nowadays employees sometimes have difficult time balancing their work, family and personal obligations. As a result, we at GEM motors allow our employees to at least partially build their own schedule, which is very beneficial to them. We believe that flexible work arrangements make them more productive.

We inspire creativity

Even though all employees have got goals and deadlines to meet, we do not let them stay limited to this. We encourage them to be more creative, since there is always more than one way to do the task. We try to set flexible time limits to accomplish goals and to think creatively and bring innovative solutions to the table.

We believe that all off the above is important for having a motivated and highly performing workforce.

creative solutions

Are you looking for new opportunities? We invite you to send us your CV with a description of your experience in Slovene or English, to: . There’s always room in our company for the best talents, that share our values.

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