GEM motors present at MES Expo in VIP Virant’s Vipi

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8th November, 2019

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Exhibitors presented their innovations

More than 50 exhibitors from 12 countries presented their visions for an electric future in the mobility sector.

One increasingly important segment in the EV market are light electric vehicles (LEVs). LEVs come with the convenience of easy charging on the standard power grid. Moreover, they fulfill a growing number of zero-emissions mandates. LEVs include everything from e-scooters, e-bikes, e-rickshaws and e-forklifts to e-motorbikes and low speed electric vehicles. They are easy to drive and handle, and usually require no driving license. In the coming years, LEVs will advance to include sensors, enabling some of the automated smart features found in many of today's high-end, often electrified cars.

GEM motors is setting new standards in the field of smart electric drive propulsion systems with unique and simple drive solutions for LEVs vehicles. Based on patented modular multiphase technology, we incorporated the electric motor, the motor controller with CAN control and the wheel into one unit.

GEM in-wheel drive is the most integrated and the most efficient solution on the market, using minimum space possible. Due to its small size and fully automated control, it is a perfect solution for diverse small and light electric vehicle applications.

The aim of the specialist supporting programme at the fair was to display the industry's innovative drive across every area of transport.

Vip Virant successfully presented their latest mobility concept, a fully-electric VIPI tricycle, which has been constructed for zero-emission and silent last-mile deliveries. Its demanding applications re-quire high quality and high performance electric drive, which is provided by GEM motors. This smart and unique solution of GEM in-wheel drive allows extra space for delivery and we are very proud to be a part of this story. 





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