GEM motors technology for mototaxi - Partnership for a sustainable future

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29th November, 2018

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GEM motors technology for mototaxi - Partnership for a sustainable future

Unique in-wheel technology for mototaxi

GEM motors is once again headed towards the future of unique electric drive solutions, perfect for urban mobility. While focusing on reshaping and creating simple, efficient and smart solutions, we have found a perfect application for unique GEM technology, a small three-wheel electric vehicle E-sparc 3 for future Urban Transportation, designed and engineered by Kyoto Green Technologies Ltd.

GEM motors driving the roads of Peru

Established electric drive technology partnership is part of a two-year joint development project with a company Ecoenergy S.A.C. from Peru which is partially sponsored by the German government through DEG, international climate initiative with the objective to develop efficient and sustainable means of transportation in Peru. The production of electrically-operated mototaxis will assist in a long-term reduction of emissions in the automotive sector, combating high levels of pollution in Peru and improve the quality of living in the cities.

New era for rickshaws with GEM motors

Rickshaws (a.k.a. Tuk-tuks) are very popular in Asia, Africa and Central America, but also in other parts of the world. They are mainly used as a vehicle for hire and can take up to 4 passengers. The three-wheeled vehicles serve as cargo and taxi for passangers and they quickly became widespread, especially in cities like Iquitos, Pucallpa and Puerto Maldonado. In the city of Pucallpa, where the project was implemented, there are currently around 52,000 mototaxis with combustion engines. There are presently no alternatives, such as electrically powered mototaxis, and no companies that manufacture or offer electrical drive components. For the rickshaw of the new era, GEM motors is developing the complete electric propulsion system: vehicle control unit, CAN communication, display, regenerative braking system and communication with the battery pack (BMS). We have done a custom electric powertrain development on the original Kyto e-Sparc 3 tricycle, produced by KytoVentures, in order to boost the performance of the vehicle and reduce the weight. A single 5 kW motor, with mechanical transmission, was replaced by two GEM in-wheel motors G2.4 that increases the efficiency and the driving range as well as save more space for batteries on the vehicle.

Central controller enables complete electronic interface to the driver and battery pack, motor control as well as electronic differential without losses in mechanical transmission. Speed is limited to 45 kmph and can drive up to 80 km per one charge of Lithium Ion batteries. Imagine the drive!