How it feels to use GEM electric drive in a specific application

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30th October, 2020

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GEM motors has developed an advanced propulsion unit for the electric scooter Bicar. It’s an ultra-compact propulsion with a greater efficiency and a modular design  – the G1.3 in-wheel drive. The propulsion technology combines an electric motor, a controller, and a wheel in one unit that is connected to the control unit on the vehicle and the battery pack. The communication technology enables a constant flow of vehicle information connected to smart phone. This allows Bicar users to drive the vehicle easily and safely in urban traffic.

Bicar greatly contributes to reduced energy consumption. Due to the GEM innovative electric propulsion, it has 140 times less carbon dioxide emissions per kilometre than an ordinary car, it is quiet and reaches a speed of up to 45 kilometres per hour.

Find out how it feels to use the GEM electric drive in the e-scooter Bicar.

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