Reward and Recognition Employee Incentive

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24th April, 2018

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This year we have started a Reward and Recognition Employee Incentive at GEM motors. We recognize people for their commitment to the company, those who exemplify our values and build on them.

Recognition of our work achievements is important for every employee. Each of us needs a THANK YOU for hard work that is done every day.

Employees had a task to nominate three colleges for embodying the values, work and extra mile effort in our company.

Today we would like to send a message that we notice and appreciate extra efforts of our college Andrej Pukšič a Senior development associate in GEM motors. 

Here you can read some of the highlights that our colleges wrote about him:

Always ready to help, mastering a lot of responsibilities. He performs a very good job in his field, regardless of his occupancy he is ready to come to the aid. Excellent team work, original solutions, positive attitude. Always available for all questions, explanations, good sense of humour, and calibre character makes it easy and fun to work with.

Let us acknowledge the achievements of our colleagues and congratulate them on our efforts in the company. Let’s inspire one another and look forward to achievements as a team.

Congratulations Andrej from GEM team.