GEM motors is wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021

23rd December, 2020

Every success requires an effort and a year of hard work proved it once again. Our united GEM team was able to overcome many professional challenges and developed into a very beautiful and effective mechanism. We wish you a lot of joy and happiness during this holiday season. May the upcoming year be full of new achievements that will bring you a huge success.

Happy and Prosperous New year!

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Development of electric powertrain for scooters - GEM conversion

18th December, 2020

Electric drive of light vehicles enables fast and pleasant drive around the city. At GEM motors, we converted the Gilera Runner 50 sr petrol scooter into an electric scooter, which is used to test GEM innovative in-wheel electric motor and a complete powertrain system. Test results on vehicles in real environment with real data help us to develop new advanced solutions and improve existing products. In addition to testing the motors, riding an electric scooter on the foothills of Kamnik Alps is simply a pleasure, and at the same time employees use it to drive to work and home and help reduce our carbon footprint.  

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The potential and impact of light electric vehicles (LEVs) in urban transport

27th November, 2020

Although the car is still the dominant means of transport, the pressure to change the mobility culture and thus, to rededicate traffic areas is becoming increasingly great. Some of today’s problems related to cars, such as poor air quality or high noise emissions, could be solved by replacing the combustion engine with an electric drive. This can be implemented in car-sized electric vehicles (EV) as well as in LEVs. LEVs, with their small size and low consumption, have the potential to improve the quality of life in cities through the reallocation of areas used for cars.

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The coronavirus pandemic is driving electric vehicles sales up and carbon emissions down

20th November, 2020

The past 7 months of coronavirus lock-downs have provided new valuable insights into the likely future of transport. Electric vehicles may finally be on the road to a significant market share.

One of the Covid-19 impact is that the social-distancing rules arising from the global pandemic have raised fears in many countries over the public transport, encouraging many to retreat to the comfort of their own cars. But, most of the pandemic impacts have been helpful as we look ahead to a more energy-efficient future, with a gradual shift to electric-powered transport, and many countries having now commited to zero-emissions transport by 2050.

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Sustainable urban mobility through light electric vehicles (LEV)

12th November, 2020

Integrating smart and light electric vehicles (LEV), recharging infrastructure, smart electric grid, and mobility-on-demand through urban-scale electronic ‘nervous system’ provides foundation for creating a smart sustainable city.  These cities achieve high standard levels of transportation in terms of operational quality, energy efficiency and carbon minimization and thus represent a future of high-quality urban living.

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GEM motors is working on a new project!

5th November, 2020

GEM motors is working on a new project - the development of advanced GEM E-drive in the power range of 15 kW for series production and commercialization (TRL9).

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How it feels to use GEM electric drive in a specific application

30th October, 2020

GEM motors has developed an advanced propulsion unit for the electric scooter Bicar. It’s an ultra-compact propulsion with a greater efficiency and a modular design  – the G1.3 in-wheel drive. The propulsion technology combines an electric motor, a controller, and a wheel in one unit that is connected to the control unit on the vehicle and the battery pack.

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Shape the future with GEM!

23rd October, 2020

GEM motors is constantly expanding! We currently have several job opportunities open. Our team has diverse skill sets, backgrounds and personalities and we believe that those differences are the key to our success. 

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Testing of the Generator for OSCI-GEN Project

20th October, 2020

EXCLUSIVE! Sneak peek into GEM motors development process. We are working on a new version of a multiphase generator based on an eccentric mass that rotates around an axis.

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Electric Tricycle for Cargo Applications - VIPi

8th October, 2020

As a result of innovative GEM technology and successful cooperation in the development phase and the establishment of a long-term partnership, VIP-VIRANT company has successfully integrated GEM G2.4 in-wheel motors into their electric tricycle for cargo application – VIPi.

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