GEM motors and Secma Performance successful project 'FUN ELEC'

17th July, 2020

We are proud to be apart of yet another successful story. Our partner SECMA Performance has successfully integrated GEM G2.6 in-wheel motors into their two-seater roadster - FUN ELEC.

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Students of the Waldorf Gymnasium in Ljubljana successfully tested an electric snowmobile

6th May, 2020

Ljubljana, April 30th 2020 – Shortly before the closure of schools and companies due to the spread of coronavirus, students of the Waldorf Gymnasium in Ljubljana, in collaboration with GEM motors, successfully tested Eltrak, an electric snowmobile, designed for the preparation and grooming of cross-country ski tracks. This is a demanding and complex project, which goes beyond the size and complexity of regular school projects.

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GEM motors positive work environment

4th March, 2020

At GEM motors we believe that employees are the most important asset of our company, because no matter how efficient our business is, if employees aren’t happy with our work culture then all our efforts may go in vain. Therefore, we continuously strive to offer best work culture to keep employees happy and motivated.

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Testing "Eltrak" at Soriška planina

21st February, 2020

In cooperation with Waldorf school Ljubljana, we developed a complete electric snowmobiole drive - 'Eltrak'. Previous Friday, February 14th, we performed another test.

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GEM motors is a family friendly company

31st January, 2020

At GEM motors we believe that satisfied employees form the cornerstone of business success. We are striving to establish an appropriate balance between our employee’s professional and private obligations.

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Successful testing of Eltrak with GEM in-wheel motors

31st January, 2020

In cooperation with Waldorf school Ljubljana, we developed a complete electric snowmobile drive – ‘Eltrak’. The initial idea was to use two G2.4 motors and a VCU for proper control of electric motors, to operate and test one sled.

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Consumer preferences on electric vehicles

28th January, 2020

Consumers’ electric vehicle (EV) preferences are shifting. The share of global consumers that would consider purchasing an electric vehicle is on the rise. In the United States, between 10 and 30 percent of consumers indicated their preference to consider an electric vehiscle as their next purchase on national surveys.1 In Europe, the reported share of consumers considering EV purchase was higher, at 40 to 60 percent,2 and in China, it was over 70 percent, given the presence of strong government incentives to adopt these vehicles. 

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We have expanded our development team

17th January, 2020

We are gaining new projects every day and so the company decided we need to expand our development team.  Keeping our customers satisfied is our top priority and having more experts in different fields of operation means we can offer our clients better support every day. 

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GEM in-wheel motor advantages

16th January, 2020

For Light Electric Vehicles there are two types of electric drive concepts: standard central motor system with transmission to the wheel and direct wheel drive using in-wheel motor system that is directly installed into the vehicle wheels.

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GEM Flexible mounting options

10th January, 2020

GEM in-wheel motors of type G2.X and G1.X are designed as a direct drive motors and are typically mounted directly to a wheel of a vehicle. Motors of type G1.X are designed to be used with nominal 10’’ and motors of type G2.X are designed to be used with nominal 13’’ motorcycle or car tyres. Of course, other bigger tyre sizes can be used with both motor types, but speed and performance of the e-vehicle might be different from nominal performance. You are welcome to contact our experts and consultancy team if using tyre size other than nominal.

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