GEM motors goes bowling

10th January, 2020

We entered a second week of a new year 2020 rested, full of energy, new ideas and plans. But before the year 2019 ended, our GEM motors team gathered and spent some relaxing after-hours together, bowling. Although we were four team groups, we played as one big happy family. We cheered when someone hit “strike” and encouraged co-workers that played the game for the first time.

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Seven EV tech trends to watch in 2020

9th January, 2020

What could 2020 have in store for Electric Vehicles?

2019 was the year electric cars grew up

  1. Electric cars had their biggest year ever in 2019. The numbers were huge and sources like CNBC and International Energy Agency believe that “the number of electric vehicles on the road around the world will hit 125 million by 2030”.

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LEV industry – convenient mobility for a greener world

23rd December, 2019

Light electric vehicles (LEVs) are the most potential solutions for the rising emission-free megacities. Increased urbanization, traffic congestions, poor air quality and lack of mobility options call for affordable and clean transportation alternatives. The new drive technologies applied to and the new materials built into today's LEVs enable greater power efficiency, smaller size, lighter weight and lower cost solutions.

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GEM motors e-scooter in action

19th December, 2019

Yesterday was a perfect day for testing and photo-shooting our GEM motors in-wheel electric motors. The weather was warm, so we headed for the Kamnik's old castle, where there is a perfect little restaurant at the top, called 'Grajska terasa'.

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Mobility trends from 2019

17th December, 2019


The automotive world has turned towards convenient individualization, starting with the online configurator. But the desire for personalization has not been satisfied yet. With 3D printing, early prototyping can be realized, and moreover the car can also be individualized to personal preferences at an entirely new level. Using apps, customers can create their own personalized car, simply by using their smartphone.

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GEM motors New Year’s dinner

13th December, 2019

Gathering of co-workers for a New Year’s dinner / party is always welcome and everybody loves this time of the year. Ljubljana and Kamnik both have a long-standing tradition of decorating city streets for the New Year and Christmas. All the houses are decorated so differently, and everything looks so nice.

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Next phase of GEM motors - Bicar project

12th December, 2019

Electric mobility is not only a trend, but an urgent solution for quality living in the urban environment and having that in mind, we are involved in a pioneering project and a unique concept of urban mobility that is user and environment friendly, together with a start-up company Share Your Bicar of the Applied Sciences University of Zurich.



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India has the potential to become one of the largest electric vehicles markets

11th December, 2019

India has the potential to become one of the largest electric vehicles (EVs) markets in the world, with the government pushing for the segment in order to curb pollution and reduce reliance on import-dependent fossil fuel. However, the uptake of EVs has been slow in the country due to the high upfront as well as life cycle costs, but long-term investment in research and development (R&D) will create sustained growth, according to the report by the World Economic Forum and Ola Mobility Institute.

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LEVs - fast growing future of urban mobility

21st November, 2019

As many nations attempt to nehance the demand of electric cars in their efforts to meet goals for decarbonization and sustainable future, a continued trend among electric vehicle manufacturers toward electric powertrain iontegration, to ensure new space for innovation in vehicle design and efficiency is raising every day. Electric mobility goes beyond merely electric passenger cars: light electric (LEVs) vehicles have the potential to fulfill the mobility needs of a broad spectrum of users at a rather affordable price.

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