Development of novel generator for oscillating energy in transportation

18th January, 2019

The company GEM MOTORS d.o.o., BU Celje has successfully obtained co-financing for the project of development of generators for the conversion of oscillating energyand vibrations to electric energy in ship, road and rail transport in the public tender for»Promoting the implementation of research and development projects (TRL 3-6)«, co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

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GEM motors technology for mototaxi - Partnership for a sustainable future

29th November, 2018

GEM motors is once again headed towards the future of unique electric drive solutions, perfect for urban mobility. While focusing on reshaping and creating simple, efficient and smart solutions, we have found a perfect application for unique GEM technology, a small three-wheel electric vehicle E-sparc 3 for future Urban Transportation, designed and engineered by Kyoto Green Technologies Ltd.

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Who is the Slovenian company developing the urban vehicle of the future with the Swiss?

10th October, 2018

GEM motors is a small enterprise that has been building its operations around the development of advanced electric drives for e-mobility since 2010. They developed their fully integrated electric motor inside the wheel-in serial production, and now, in cooperation with Swiss researchers, they are developing a new urban electric vehicle BICAR.

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GEM In-Wheel motors 4 kW & 6 kW in production

27th August, 2018

The GEM motors’ project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme - Fast Track to Innovation (FTI)for industrialization and commercialization of their 4 kW GEM In-Wheel electric motor in 2015. They have acquired European funds in the amount of 1.99 million euros which ranked them among the top technological breakthrough companies in Europe. The production of the 4 kW and 6kW was successfully developed in GEM motors together with key partners Domel for motor parts and Luznar for electronics.

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GEM Bicar-drive

18th June, 2018

Company GEM MOTORS d.o.o. has successfully tendered and obtained co-financing in the public tender for granting incentives under the EUREKA 2017 initiative for the project entitled »GEM Bicar-drive«.

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Slovenian company GEM motors contribute their innovative solution to the development of one of the most advanced urban e-mobility projects in Europe

13th June, 2018

GEM motors in cooperation with the start-up company Share Your Bicar University of Applied Science in Zurich (Switzerland) is developing a unique Bicar project, an original concept of urban mobility that will make a significant contribution to reducing pollution and facilitate mobility in urban areas. This year, the project was also supported by EUREKA, an independent European program which promotes cross-border cooperation projects to conduct market-oriented industrial research and development and is aimed at boosting productivity and competitiveness of the economy.

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Reward and Recognition Employee Incentive

24th April, 2018

This year we have started a Reward and Recognition Employee Incentive at GEM motors. We recognize people for their commitment to the company, those who exemplify our values and build on them.

Recognition of our work achievements is important for every employee. Each of us needs a THANK YOU for hard work that is done every day.

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You can read about us in Mechanics and driver Magazine

23rd January, 2018

In the last (5th) issue of the Mechanics and driver magazine, you will find some interesting things about us under the section Electric drives. You can read all about the latest achievements of GEM motors under the heading “Slovenian electric motor in the wheel”.

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Financial incentive for market research in India

22nd December, 2017


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eMove360° preformance

17th November, 2017

Kamnik, Slovenia. October 27 – GEM motors presented the new GEM in-wheel synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets at the eMove360°, international trade fair for Mobility 4.0, from October 17 – 19, 2017 in Hall C3/ Stand 402.

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