GEM motors has developed a fully integrated electric direct (hub) motor, using patented modular multiphase technology. This solution is leading the future of e-mobility technology trend towards a compact and completely integrated electric drive that is close to the wheel. With this technology, we simplify the electrification of vehicles and minimize the number of parts, while at the same time reducing weight and unit cost.



Excellent system efficiency 

  • Up to 20% driving range increase due to improved motor electronics and lower copper losses
  • Up to 10% reduced energy consumption due to motor recuperation

Superior performance

  • Unique smooth operation due to multiphase motor operation
  • Excellent climbing ability and fast acceleration due to high starting torque

Safe and reliable electric drive

  • Low voltage operation below 75V DC
  • Safe operation with ten times less electromagnetic emissions compared to the standard solution

Advanced and smart solution

  • Optimal space and weight saving solution with a minimum number of parts
  • Fully integrated and modular direct electric drive solution


Current state-of-the-art electric propulsion for Small and Light Electric Vehicles available on the market and comparison to GEM in-wheel drive.


Standard in-runner electric
motor with transmition

Standard in-wheel motor
with external controller

Advanced GEM in-wheel motor
with integrated controller

Simple solution      
High system efficiency      
Fully integrated      
Economical sollution      


The in-wheel solution introduces some significant advantages compared to the central motor with transmission, which is a rather heavy and complex propulsion system. GEM in-wheel drive offers an optimized direct-drive propulsion with high torque and increased overall efficiency. It is in line with future trends of highly integrated solutions, reducing weight, space and number of parts for electric propulsion.

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